Alicia & Justin

Ceremony & Reception. Dromana Estate

Dromana Estate is proud to call the heritage-listed Tuerong Homestead “home”. The renowned property was built in the early 1900s and boasts not only an elegant 100-year-old weeping elm tree that sets it apart from the rest; but beautiful, blooming gardens that were designed by acclaimed parklands. It is the perfect place to sprawl on a spring afternoon, a slice of history that encourages families to run about or picnic on the grass.

Established in 1982, Dromana Estate was influential in moulding the Mornington Peninsula into the superb wine region it is known as today, and just a taste of wines on offer Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, and Blanc de Blanc, all of which fall under brand labels Dromana Estate, Tuerong Park, and Mornington Estate.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly production of both wine and food is one of their main priorities. Located on the Peninsula, by the coastline and amongst open woodlands with an abundance of wildlife, it is important to protect and conserve the beautiful surrounding ecosystems and the home.

While viticulture requires a significant amount of water, All water we use is treated onsite. The recycled, A-Grade water, now at a drinkable standard, can be reused in the vineyard, restaurant, and throughout wine production. In the restaurant they utilise evacuated tube solar hot water systems, which reduces the use of electricity or LPG. These developments have not only drastically decreased water waste, but protects nearby waterways from possibly toxic, untreated water.

Their aim to be a pioneer in renewable energy with sustainable wine and food production and have installed a 99 kWh solar panel system to produce ALL electricity used in the vineyard, wine production, restaurant and other food production.