Conversations & Mentorship

Let's have a chat about anything & everything you want to apply to your creative process.

Gear, editing & business tools are always at the top of the list but are forever changing, so lets also focus on what will never be replaced in this industry which is motivation, creativity & perseverance.

Hybrid shooting allows a lot of freedom in your creativity but also requires incredible time management & a calm temperament to handle many moving parts which I'd love to discuss further & help you apply some of these tricks into your own medium whether you shoot stills or moving.

Bookings for 1 on 1 conversations can be made up to 30 days in advance.

When booking your zoom please note times are Melbourne, AUS

Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST

Associate shooting bookings can me made up until September 01. 2024

Booking link above.

Breaking the Barrier 2.0 WORKSHOP Announced soon

Calling all aspiring photographers and videographers! Ready to take your skills to the next level and make your mark in the wedding industry? Join us for a workshop that combines art and business to unlock remarkable achievements. Whether you excel in photography but struggle with the business side, or you're a business-savvy individual looking to enhance your visual skills, this workshop is designed to empower you with practical know-how and actionable ideas.
Discover how to elevate your business, generate more leads, and break through barriers with your clients. Learn effective referral strategies, business management techniques, and automation tools to enhance the customer experience. Gain insights into getting published in wedding magazines and leveraging wedding directories for lead generation. Develop your unique brand voice and stand out in the market. Plus, if you're interested in hybrid photography and videography at weddings, Dave has got you covered.
Join us for "Breaking the Barrier: A Workshop for Emerging Photographers/Videographers" and embark on a transformative journey to master lead generation, revolutionise client connections, make new content through the content creation part of the day and create extraordinary experiences. Secure your spot today and take a significant step toward leaving a lasting impact. We can't wait to welcome you to Breaking the Barrier!

Meet your speakers

Georgia Verrells

Having left her job at a prestigious financial firm in London, She embarked on a remarkable adventure that led me to collaborate with renowned brands such as Levis and Instagram. Along the way, She obtained a Bachelor's degree in Communication Design and kickstarted her wedding photography career. Today, she is proud to say that her wedding seasons are always fully booked, allowing her to work with the couples of her choice and with her automatic automation in place, can spend quality time with her son & famiy, free from stress.

Dave Le Page

Introducing Dave, an extraordinary hybrid capturer with a captivating story. With a decade-long journey as a dedicated roadie for heavy metal bands, Dave's vibrant experiences have shaped a distinctive perspective on the art of wedding photography. His time spent on the road has given him an outsider's insight into the world of capturing moments that matter, while also offering him a unique ability to connect with individuals who are hesitant to conform to conventional paths.

We are passionate about our business and we are ready to share our secrets with you.

What will the day look like?

  • Talks by Renowned Industry Professionals: Georgia Verrells Photography and Dave Le Page Videography and Photography
  • Mastering Lead Generation and Conversion: Strategies to Enhance Booking Rates
  • Penetrating the Lucrative Wedding Photography Market
  • Establishing Powerful Referral Networks
  • Maximising Opportunities in Magazines and Online Wedding Blogs
  • Streamlining Workflow and Automation
  • Explore the art of hybrid shooting, merging the best of photography and videography into one captivating visual experience
  • Content creation with a real couple and table setups
  • Price Includes GST, Non-refundable deposit required to secure your seat

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