Never meet anyone for the first time on your wedding day.
This includes your photographer

Dave Lepage

You would have noticed on my package & prices description that your full day wedding comes with an "engagement / posing tutorial".

These are included to give us an opportunity to run through some of the posing tricks & tips for your wedding shoot to get a better result in a faster amount of time so you aren’t missing your own party (usually resulting in roughly 70-80 images and a two minute video if you've included film on the service).

I like to do these about 3 months out from the wedding date which is also a good opportunity to have a chat about the wedding day timeline and any variables you have leading up to the day. 

The majority of my couples have never stood in front of a commercial photographer & although I am creating these moments upwards of 45 weddings per year, it is certainly not lost on me how daunting the beginning of this process can be for a couple.

Being acutely aware of this I like to take my couples to a remote and visually stunning area where we slowly introduce variables & scenarios you will most likely expect on the wedding day so you are ready & more importantly comfortable with the process.

My own rule would be to never meet anyone for the first time on your wedding day... This includes your photographer.


Generally around the Mornington peninsula along the long & quiet back beaches, but please feel free to suggest a symbolic location.


I like to start with a 30 minute conversation about the timeline & any other wedding day questions, followed by a 60-75 minute shoot time.