Nathan & Shona

15 - 04 - 2023 // Lake st clair, tasmania

pumphouse point

A unique adults-only retreat poised mysteriously on a glacial lake and surrounded by century-old myrtle forests.

Numinous beauty grinds time to a halt; for quiet awe, calm, and reconnection. Tasmania at its most tranquil, or its most rugged. 

Devoid of fuss and layers of service, things work differently here. It's a place for being, not just doing. Pour your own at the honesty bars and find picnics in your room. Glide away on electric bikes or tread softly on moss-covered understoreys. Row yourselves into new depths, encounter new friends, and cook your eggs just how you like them.

Realign your inner compass. It might not be what you expect.

Shona & Nathan's teaser video
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